About Us

Specialising in the provision of personal fiduciary advisory and executive and non-executive services.

About us

Founded by Peter Hodson, the firm specialises in the provision of consultancy services to international private clients, trustees, financial institutions and family offices.

The firm offers truly independent and comprehensive personal advisory services. Through the provision of an independent adviser in a particular situation the firm is able to facilitate the avoidance of conflicts of interest, solve problems, minimise or manage disputes effectively, provide advice, opinions and expertise where required and offer interim management solutions to maintain business continuity.

Peter Hodson

Independent fiduciary consultant

Peter Hodson, a Solicitor admitted in England, Wales and Hong Kong, has specialised since 1985 in the provision of fiduciary services for private clients, trustees, financial institutions and family offices.

He worked in Hong Kong and Singapore for over twenty years and then in Guernsey for twenty four years before moving to the UK in 2022. He is also an Accredited Mediator with the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) in London as well as an Accredited Mediator with the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre. The firm’s objective is to provide a personal, professional and comprehensive advisory and problem solving service to private clients, Trustees, financial institutions and family offices internationally

Personal Approach

The firm offers a personal and independent advisory service to meet the specific needs of private clients, trustees, family office and financial institutions.

As well as advisory services, the firm is able to offer its clients links to international expertise in the areas of legal advice, tax planning, executive recruitment, property purchases and management, superyacht management, art advice, private equity investment, reverse mergers and IPOs.

The firm’s fees are very competitive. It charges an hourly rate for advisory services and a fixed annual retainer fee for acting as an independent third party neutral, plus its hourly rate. It is the firm’s usual practice to quote on a case by case basis. Further details of its fee arrangements are available on request.

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