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Problem Solving and Dispute Management

Inevitably a variety of problems and conflicts arise in the provision of fiduciary services. In order to solve problems, resolve and minimise disputes, the firm is able to provide a third party neutral to act as a mediator, facilitator, or simply to provide an independent evaluation, opinion or expert report. The firm is well positioned to act as professional mediator in order to resolve disputes in a confidential but independent and effective manner. The firm’s objective is to achieve an early and cost effective financial settlement, so that it is the parties who decide the outcome, not the Courts.

Risk Management

Although appropriate legal structures can provide the basic protection required to isolate assets against risks, nevertheless the firm believes it is important that its clients have in place a strategy which will help them understand all the various aspects and skills required to manage wealth.


The firm is able to provide tailored training and continuing professional development programmes in the area of Trust and Company Law and Practice to those staff involved in the offshore trust industry as well as in the area of Compliance for Trustees in the combat against financial crime.

Legal and Compliance Consultancy

The firm also provides legal and compliance backup and support in the area of fiduciary services to professional trustees, financial institutions and family offices on a client and project basis. As an independent specialist adviser the firm is able to offer complete confidentiality and independence.

Interim Management

The firm can arrange for temporary secondment of a senior trust director to support the temporary needs of professional trustees during a senior management change or change in corporate strategy.

Independent Advisory Services

Problem solving and dispute management in private wealth structures
Risk Management, Family Strategy and Family Governance
Legal and Compliance consultancy
Training in offshore trust management
Interim Management in trustee services

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