Advisors to Private Clients, Family Offices and Corporate Clients Internationally

Independent Fiduciary Consultants

Risk Management, Governance and Family Structures

Although appropriate legal structures can provide the basic protection required to isolate assets against risks including future litigation amongst heirs and successors, nevertheless the firm believes it is important that its clients have in place appropriate independent checks and balances and a clear strategy as to how the assets are to be invested and managed for future heirs and successors, with a clearly defined succession plan supported by the appropriate structure.

Through the provision of an independent fiduciary in a particular situation the firm is able to add independence and neutrality which will facilitate the avoidance of conflicts, preserve confidentiality and maintain effective communication between all parties involved.

The firm is also able to offer legal and compliance support in trust and corporate structures and with the firm’s international professional links is able to call on the services of a global network of professional service providers.