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Independent Fiduciary Consultants

Our Fees

The firm charges an hourly rate of £350 for consultancy services. The firm charges a minimum annual retainer for acting in a fiduciary capcity which includes an appropriate number of hours per annum charged at the above hourly rate. If these hours are exceeded then the firm charges an additional time spent fee at the above hourly rate. The minimum annual retainer varies according to the nature and responsibility of the role and the specific duties which are to be undertaken but usually ranges from a minimum annual retainer of £1,500 up to a maximum annual retainer of £25,000. Fixed fees for a project or for acting as a non-executive director can be agreed at the outset.

Our fees do not include disbursements, out of pocket and third party expenses. We only charge travelling time when a return journey exceeds six hours in total and then the excess is charged at half the usual hourly rate.